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SONIC WATER CYMATICS LABORATORY STUDIES OF VISIBLE SOUND AND VIBRATIONS --- An interactive installation by Sven Meyer (Elfenmaschine & Kim Pörksen (PIECE OF CAKE) --- OLYMPUS Photography Playground Raum im Fokus 26.04. - 02.06.2013 Opernwerkstätten Zinnowitzer Strasse 9 Berlin, Germany --- We tip our hat to our favorite cymatics sound masters: Alexander Lauterwasser Hans Jenny Joachim Ernst Berendt Hans Cousto Jens Zygar Erich Bäuerle The bird on our windowsill And the universe --- Our special thanks go to: Derek Richards (PIECE OF CAKE) Jürgen Grothey (macgyverindustries) Torsten Ötken & Michel Weinholzner (visomat inc.) The teams at flora&faunavisions & vitamin e And OLYMPUS for initiating the exhibition --- Film editing Camera Uwe & Kim Pörksen Editing Uwe Music Kymat / Sound design Elfenmaschine Please have a look to the KYMAT live show: [email protected] SONIC WATER documentation --- Sonic Water is a cymatics installation. Cymatics is the process of visualizing sound and vibrations. In the beginning there was sound. The reason cymatics exerts such a strong fascination is that we are not conditioned to "see sound". Cymatics is like a magic tool that unveils the true substance of things audible, but conventionally invisible. With it one can recreate the archetypes of different forms of nature. Cymatics is an open movement. Create your own waves & cymatics! Feel free to join the global community of people playing with cymatics.